Apprenticeship Time Application

The apprenticeship is currently testing a new application. This new app will take the place of the work process cards or booklets that you are currently using. It is currently being tested at two locations. You can use your phone, tablet, or computer to access the application.

How does it work?

Your Coordinator will introduce you to the new app. You will register into the program. You will enter basic information such as your name, email, and phone number. Each day you will enter the different work processes that you do on the job, who you worked for, and where you worked. The application will save the data and display it in a variety of different ways.

Do you need a foreman's signature?


If you do not enter your information each week then the app will remind you with an email or text. This will simplify the process of recording your work hours.

If you would like to download the PowerPoint that describes how to use the app click here.
Apprenticeship Time App User Guide

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